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Pearls are worn and admired by more people than ever before and are a must have accessory.

Australian South Sea pearls are renowned as the worlds most desired and valued pearls and Pearl Emphasis has exclusive access to superior quality Australian South Sea pearl strands (necklaces and bracelets), earrings, pendants, and enhancers. We can also source loose South Sea pearls specific to your requirements, which can be incorporated into individual designs.

Like diamonds, there are certain things to look for in a pearl. Pearls are graded according to five virtues:
Lustre – the iridescent glow of the pearl
Complexion – the quality of the pearls surface
Shape – six major shape categories including drop, oval, round, button and baroque
Size – a diameter of 8 to 20mm. Larger than 20mm is rare and highly prized
Colour – a variety of colours and subtle overtones including white, silver, rose, cream and occasionally gold

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Cherished as symbols of purity and perfection. Truly beautiful!